End the Suffering: Triumph Over Anxiety and Depression!

A Dining Room of Hope, 2016

Aaron's House "The Dining Room of Hope" Fundraiser Banquet last night was beautiful and rewarding with a wealth of information. Mrs. Angela Robinson role as Veronica Harrington on Tyler Perry's "The Haves and the Have Nots" graced us with her presence. Thank you for coming and we were glad to have you. We enjoyed your fun filled spirit. Last night banquet was to raise money for Aarons House to help individuals with Mental Illness and Bipolor Disorder who's either suffering, suffered, or families dealing with a family member with this grave illness. It's to shed awareness and to seek treatment. Thank you to Attorney Pamela Robinson (the Founder/Visionary) for a wonderful event... Thank you to the Family, Friends, Board Members, Sponsors, Volunteers, and Community for coming out last night to support Attorney Pamela Robinson for Aarons House in the memory of her son Aaron Robinson. His name will forever be uplifted and spread for many years to come to help someone else with Bipolar Disorders. If you would like to know more about Aarons House, below are links to educate you. You can also DONATE for a worthy cause. Your contribution will be appreciated. 
View our full album of photographs from this awesome night, here